Hallertau, Riverhead

Lil Ceramics x Hallertau

Lil Ceramics has been a staple in the the Hallertau serveware offerings for years now - including custom hand shaped burger plates, large family style serving platters, branded shot glasses, and more recently the high lipped plate featured in the photos below. The green glaze is an exclusive blend for Hallertau to tie in their branding, and is shaped to hold a variety of dishes. 
Hallertau, Riverhead outdoor sign
Entry to Hallertau Biergarten, Riverhead
The open kitchen at Hallertau, Riverhead with Lil Ceramics plates stacked on the front shelves
Lil Ceramics serveware being used in front of the Hallertau pizza oven
Hallertau, Riverhead waiter carries Lil Ceramics plate with beautiful seasonal dish
Hallertau, Riverhead waiter waits at the kitchen counter, Lil Ceramics plates piled high
Women in knit jumper holds Lil Ceramics tumbler with a hot drink
Burger and Fries at Hallertau, Riverhead on custom hand shaped Lil Ceramics platter
Hearty roast meal at Hallertau, Riverhead on custom Lil Ceramics plate
Lil Ceramics plate stack in front of Hallertau, Riverhead beer pouring taps
Lily from Lil Ceramics holds one of her plate creations
Hallertau, Riverhead menu item, plate by Lil Ceramics
Custom Lil Ceramics shot glasses for Hallertau, Riverhead Schnapps
Hallertau always is and has been about the experience. a brewery and biergarten where beer flows and conversation grows and memories are made. Delicious seasonal dishes made from scratch. Group, family and dog friendly! 
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