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Squiggle Candle - Fawn Brown

Squiggle Candle - Fawn Brown

Mandarin and bay leaf scented candle (a warm sweet woody burnt mandarin scent).

Ceramic tumbler is thrown off the hump (large block of clay) in a quick fluid motion retaining prominent throwing lines and accents created by the hand and the process. Made with a mixture of recycled stoneware clays, glazed in a glossy clear glaze. The playful squiggle design is created by painting on wax that burns off during the firing process.

Use your candle vessel as a drinking tumbler or repurpose throughout your home after the life of your candle.

After washing out remaining candle wax in hot soapy water your ceramic vessel is dishwasher, microwave and food safe.

100% coconut candle wax and natural essential oils.

Coconut candle wax is non toxic and burns cleaner and longer than other types of candle wax, is completely odorless and does not smell like coconuts.

Coconut wax can tolerate short burns and long burns, it melts at a cooler temperature than other waxes so its a perfect companion for delicate essential oils.

approx 230mls 

Each candle is sold individually, includes giftbox.

This item is hand made using food safe clays and glazes. There will be subtle variations in size, markings and finish. 

***Please Note: International orders may be subject to an Import or duty fee. Buyer is responsible for any such fees***

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